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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

A Thanksgiving Post from my Wife

Welcome to the ramblings of a grateful woman. As most people, I am thankful for my husband and sons. To often we forget to be thankful for the things people bring to our lives. I am so grateful for Tim putting up with my insistence that we visit our mothers and family every summer, which was our only vacation. 

The bonus from those long, tiring vacations is our children got know some of their family and still have those memories.They have good memories of “the grandmas”(Grandma Anne and Aunt Pat) and Grandma Doris. One day Turner  told us  that he had no idea when “the grandmas” went to the other apartment they were trying to have a cigarette. Anne and Pat did not smoke much because one of the boys were always following them. Anne and Pat lived in adjacent apartments in a small retirement community. It had a central hallway that ran the length of the building and was bordered on both sides by identical rows of small apartments. Anne and Pat would fix a meal and then sneak off to have a cigarette in peace. But, our sons, trying to escape the critical eyes of Mom and Dad would scoot right after them. Cigarettes were crushed out and candy and soda pops were handed out, with hugs, smiles and “here is a remote, you can change the channel.”

Grandma Doris  always ready and serve candy, while Tim was cooking breakfast and serving coffee. She taught Neil the finer nuances of card games before he understood the difference in suits, he didn’t care, he loved playing. Turner loved using the electric card shuffler. It was a raucous, noisy party every morning, stopping only long enough to eat the donuts, or pancakes, or eggs. It is a sight I will see my whole life, three party animals enjoying their breakfast and a game of cards. 

Aunt Punky and Uncle Gary were known for sending them on their way with candy, pockets full of candy… Uncle Jerald is best known forhis 4X4 pickup and his dogs, and his constant threat of “hey, are you starting it up with me,” and then chasing the boys around, they were shrieking with laughter. Trips to South Dakota, bought a refrigerator full of cold pop, and a private television in the back room at Uncle Kenny and Aunt Norma’s. Shirley and Randy have hosted many a great family meal during our visits. Counters filled with food, chairs filled with family, plates filled, emptied and filled again. Neil still says that Shirley makes the best coleslaw. We were also fortunate enough to spend time with Aunt Fern, Uncle Matt, Aunt Vera and Uncle Joe. It was heart warming to see how close a family remained after years of being separated. had not seen each other in years. Then comes “Uncle” Gene, the best man from our wedding and long time friend, the man that remembers every birthday and celebrates themilestones in our lives. Gene calls, talks with the whole family, he may be blind but he sees so many things so clearly. There is our new friend Trina, in New Zealand, who is always willing to go along with whatever Facebook silliness Tim and I come up with, she is a sister in another country, she is a jewel. There are the kind notes left on my desk, the hug I needed after a doctor appointment. I will never forget the  student that brought me a diet coke and candy to “thank me for always being nice.” 

Remember this is rambling, so if you and my memories of you were not mentioned; it does not mean I am not thankful for you and the memories you have given me. In this busy time, it is my hope you will take sometime to remember the people you are thankful for. Put on your stretchy pants and enjoy Thanksgiving!

Nancy Clark